• Beef Cocktail Pies – 6 per pack (Wed and Fri Deliveries only)

  • BERMAGUI PINK LING PIES (house made full butter puff pastry, seasonal vegetables, fish veloute, wild caught pink ling fillet) contains gluten & dairy

  • Cafe Bacon Rashers – 250gm – 6 piece

  • Get ready to cook

    2x Free Range Chicken Breast fillets

    1x Mini Cos lettuce

    1x Iceberg Lettuce

    1x Flaked Parmesan Cheese

    1x garlic

    1x lemon

  • Chicken Honey Soy Kebab – 100gm each

  • Chicken Satay Kebab – 100gm each

  • Corned Beef Brisket – 1.5kg

  • Corned Beef Brisket – 3kg

  • CURED NATIVE PEPPERBERRY CRUSTED PETUNA OCEAN TROUT (salt, sugar & pepperberry cured boneless Petuna Ocean Trout fillets, hand-sliced, vacuum-sealed min 100g )

  • FISH BUTCHERY SAUSAGE Crafted from Petuna Ocean trout, and selected diced sustainable wild caught white fish fillet, seasoned with fresh chopped herbs, spices and onion. The sausages are gluten and dairy free and contain no fillers or bulking agents (Sausage skins do contain animal product)

  • Fresh Beef Brisket 2kg

  • Good Bones Beef Stock – 500ml

  • Good Bones Chicken Stock – 500ml

  • Good Bones Vegetable Stock – 500ml

  • Half Chicken Marinated – min weight 500gms each

  • HIRAMASA KINGFISH Sourced from Spencer Gulf in South Australia, Friend of the Sea certified hand scaled, skin on, boneless kingfish fillet. Min. 180g individually vacuum packed)

  • HOT COCKTAIL SAUCE (Kewpie mayonnaise, $10 ea. $12.50 ea. fermented chilli, house made tomato jam, garlic, seasoning )

  • Iggy’s Multiseed ficelle (Wed and Fri Deliveries)

  • Lamb Kebab – Greek Marinade – 100grm each

  • MOOLOOLABA MSC BROADMooloolaba Msc Broadbill(Swordfish)Bacon-100grm – (Wed and Fri Only)BILL (SWORDFISH) BACON Marine Stewardship Council certified wild caught broadbill from Walker ’s Seafood in Mooloolaba, Queensland. (salt & spice cured, hand sliced, vacuum sealed min 100g pkts.)

  • NATIVE CURRY STOCK (based on coconut water, ginger, house fermented chilli, lime leaf, onion & garlic & spices) 750ml jar – suitable for vegan/vegetarian

  • PETUNA OCEAN TROUT Sourced from Peter & Una Rockliff of Petuna Ocean trout from Tasmania’s remote south-west coast. Best Aquaculture Practice certified. (boneless, hand scaled, skin on, min. 180g portion, individually vacuum packed)

  • Rolled chicken breast with garlic butter – min weight 350 gm

  • Saskia Beer – Free Range Vegetarian – Chicken – 1.5kg

  • Seasoned chicken breast with bread stuffing contains nuts – min weight 350gm

  • THE ULTIMATE BBQ PACKAGE 1kg Marinated Chicken Wingettes 16 Slices Italian Prosciutto 4 Jack’s Creek Sirloin Steaks 12 Thin Beef Sausages 10 Lamb Cutlets 4 Honey Soy Chicken Skewers 4 Satay Skewers 4 Hamburgers BBQ Sauce   VALUED AT OVER $200

  • LAMB ROAST PACKAGE 1kg Marinated Chicken Wingettes 16 Slices Italian Prosciutto 1 Stick Csabi Sliced 2kg Leg of Lamb 1 Marinated Butterflied Chicken Rich Roast Gravy Mint Sauce   VALUED AT OVER $150

  • PORK ROAST PACKAGE 1kg Marinated Chicken Wingettes 16 Slices Italian Prosciutto 1 Stick Csabi Sliced 2kg Loin of Pork 1 Marinated Butterflied Chicken Rich Roast Gravy Apple Sauce   VALUED AT OVER $150

  • YOGHURT TARTARE (no egg tartare alternative, natural yoghurt, capers, cornichons, eschalot, seasoning)

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