Meat & Three Veg

Meat & Three Veg


“Meat & 3 Veg”, the family go to dinner does not have to be boring when you get to mix it up with my farm-fresh seasonal produce and Dave’s succulent specialty cuts.

This week T&R Butcher has  HQ Frenched Lamb Shanks, ready for braising and teaming with seasonal veggies.

Shop Your Lamb Shanks (6 points) $36.00  here 



Every Wednesday and Friday we will be delivering Seafood from Paddington’s renowned FISH BUTCHERY. Sustainably caught, underutilized species, expertly prepared for you to cook at home

It’s a miracle you can add loaves and fish to your orders on Wednesday and Friday

Iggy’s sourdough bread. Shop here

To go with Iggy’s bread you might like Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese
Shop here

You could serve Iggy’s bread with Our Fresh Bruschetta salad.  Shop hereOr

Team up Josh’s Cured Native Pepperberry Crusted  Petuna Ocean Trout 100mg $18.75  Shop here

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