Get your catch of the day from Chris

Get your catch of the day from Chris

Every Wednesday and Friday we will be delivering Seafood from Paddington’s renowned FISH BUTCHERY      owned by internationally awarded, world-renowned chef Josh Nilan of Saint Peters, Paddington. Together with his team, Josh provides sustainably caught, underutilized species, expertly prepared for you to cook at home with your Wednesday and Friday Fruit and Veggie order.

Shop Fish Here:



It’s a miracle you can add loaves and fish to your orders on Wednesday and Friday by adding Iggy’s sourdough bread to your order. Shop here


Throw a steak on the barbie!



Now that we have teamed up with Dave McDowell and the boys from T&R Butchers, you can keep the Carnivores at home happy with a wide selection of paddock fresh cuts of Beef, Chicken, Pork and of-course Dave’s famous sausages. Snag your sausages here

You can see the full T&R Butcher range here and order online at your convenience.


TAKE NOTE: We have expanded our range of grocery products! You’ll find fresh-baked bread, homemade veggie soup, pasta, and the tastiest olives! 

Be sure to visit the link to all our grocery lines before you go to checkout  – visit the link here.

See our homepage for all our specials and remember,

                             “If it isn’t fresh we don’t sell it!”

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