About Chris Antico

Over 70 years of fruit and vegetable experience in the genes

It started with my grandfather’s corner fruit and vegetable shop in Mascot over 70 years ago. Three generations on and the Antico name is still synonymous with fresh, flavoursome Australian produce.


Growing up we always had the freshest fruits and vegetables on the table at home and living in the eastern suburbs, so close to the beach, a healthy lifestyle is what it was all about. These days, fast food and supermarkets make it hard for households to source quality fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

With 20 years of experience in the wholesale fruit and vegetable industry, I saw my passion in bringing my knowledge and values in a face-to-face customer service and making quality fruits and vegetables accessible to households – which is why I started sourcing fresh produce from farmers and deliverying it to households all over Sydney.


Quality means flavour and freshness. This often means choosing produce from the smaller growers around NSW and the Sydney Basin area, especially the kind of produce that needs to be hand-tended such as tomatoes, strawberries and greens.


Staying fit and healthy is a priority for me. When I am not at the farmers markets or delivering fruit and vegetable boxes, you can find me surfing the waves between Bondi and Bronte Beach.

To me, maintaining balance on a surfboard is just like how we look after our health. Fruits and vegetables play an important role in balancing our gut health. Eating seasonal is like surfing too – to accept and enjoy nature’s gift, be in a winter squash, summer berries, a wave and the wind.


I hope I will pass on my family’s legacy and keep on delivering the best in seasonal Australian produce to you and your families across Sydney.


A lot of my customers are telling me – that before they had tried my fruit and vegetable boxes, they had never had anything as farm fresh and delicious before. I recommend you give me a go, and if you haven’t already, you will not only be surprised by the freshness but also the VALUE. Sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of this page to get your 25% first order discount and place your order online today.

Customer Reviews

Ready for my cooking lesson! Thanks for the delivery – super timing!

Love our Friday fruit and veg deliveries by the man who not only packs but picks them too, thanks!

Thank you for the beautiful box of goodness!

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